About Kalishka

We love being a class apart! Why follow the league when we can carve out our own niche! That is exactly what we strive to do! In the competitive landscape of e-commerce sellers, we are trying to leave our own mark - BUT its a journey and we are taking one step at a time! Its a journey and not the destination....and we live that fact! We are a small time sole proprietors who get high-quality products manufactured worldwide and ship out from our warehouses in the United States of America and China. We sell our items on our website - www.kalishka.com and on some other 3rd party e-commerce websites! Our shipping may take up to 4 weeks ( but that is rare!) in case the shipment is from China. We don't charge anything for shipping regardless of the purchase price.

What sets us apart - well, we really hone in two aspects of the supply chain:

  • The craftsmanship
  • The customer service and experience

The craftsmanship drives customer experiences! That is why we always stay very close to our manufacturers - we make regular visits to the factories and we have regular Skype calls with the staff! We give quality control enough importance to ensure that we continue to maintain high standards that drive strong customer loyalty. Do we always get things right? No, we don't, but we pretty much get it right at most times! But when we don't, we ensure that our customers are not ( even slightly) impacted. We take great pride in serving our customers diligently! And our customers know this and they reciprocate graciously by being our loyal customers! That would explain how we grow our customer base by word of mouth publicity - that is driving results for us! We are learning and will continue to learn. You'll find feedback widgets on most pages, feel free to complete and submit that. Voice of the customer is key for us.

We welcome you to the Kalishka fraternity! Even by being a visitor to the website, you have shown an interest in our products and for that we are humbled! Thank You! If you purchase a product from this website, we are grateful! Thank You.

Our customer service team is very active and always aim to please! They work tirelessly and it may seem that they hardly ever sleep! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to help and promise to reply promptly.

We love doing what we do and (we believe) we are good genuine people who work hard and celebrate every small success! We take pride in our products! We use our products!

Come join us on this journey.....you'll love this!

Risk-Free shopping, Free Shipping, Free Returns! Why wait?!

Contact Us if you have any questions :-)