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Kalishka's Double Layer Inverted Stick Umbrella - Blue (Fast Shipping)

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It is a conventional umbrella with a twist!

The umbrella is 86cm is length and the canopy length is 106cm. The stick umbrella is at a convenient height to carry around and when opened the canopy is large enough for two people. The umbrella does what it is meant to do – give cover from rain, wind and sun! The umbrella is double layered, the outer layer is black and the inner layer is colored.The structure of the umbrella is extremely durable and has been thoroughly tested against fierce winds/ storms and heavy rain. The umbrella comes with a carry case that has a sling around it for easy carry.

Please review the images that have been added to the product description. What you see is what you get. The images have been taken using the actual product on sale, therefore they are 100% accurate.

What is unique about this umbrella –well (unlike conventional umbrella) when you close the umbrella the outer layer is folded on the inside! Even after use on the rain, you will hold a dry umbrella!

The advantages of this umbrella from Kalishka are:

  • Rather than dripping water when a conventional umbrella is closed and put away, the the wet used side is on the inside of the umbrella – the outer layer of the closed umbrella remains dry
  • Solves the problem of poking people with an umbrella's spokes because it opens from the top rather than the bottom
  • With its unique way of closing the umbrella it reeks of convenience especially when you want to get into the car
  • The ribs and spokes are in between the two layers of the canopy that gives the umbrella a very stylish look

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