Cork Bags |Crossbody Bag |Eco Friendly Bag |Vegan Bag |BAGP-243
Cork Bags |Crossbody Bag |Eco Friendly Bag |Vegan Bag |BAGP-243
Cork Bags |Crossbody Bag |Eco Friendly Bag |Vegan Bag |BAGP-243
Cork Bags |Crossbody Bag |Eco Friendly Bag |Vegan Bag |BAGP-243
Cork Bags |Crossbody Bag |Eco Friendly Bag |Vegan Bag |BAGP-243

Cork Bags |Crossbody Bag |Eco Friendly Bag |Vegan Bag |BAGP-243

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  • Length: 25 cm/9.9 inches; Width: 27 cm/10.7 inches; Height: 5 cm/2 inches; Weight: 450 grams/1 lbs


  • Made from high-quality Natural Portuguese Cork which is eco-friendly, waterproof, soft, flexible and durable
  • More than half of the cork material is air - which gives the fabric a softness that is one of the most loved characteristics of these bags
  • Given the softness in the texture of the bags, they add to their durability, making them last for decades ( with adequate care, of course)
  • No animal product is used in making the bags.
  • Perfect alternative to animal leather products, light-weight with roomy interior to carry all your essentials
  • These bags are the perfect choice for your vegan lifestyle, as it's made out of cork that's extracted from the oak trees in an ORGANIC and SUSTAINABLE way ( without harming the trees)
  • Made with LOVE from Portugal that accounts for over 50% of the world's cork trees


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